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No. 2 Organic tomato & British mozzarella for 4


Organic tomato and British mozzarella on Franco Manca’s sourdough base.

Makes 4 pizzas.

  • Sourdough x4
  • British mozzarella
  • Organic tomato
  • Type 0 flour
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Recipe card

Allergen information: Gluten, milk, soya, tomato.

For nutritional information please visit the Franco Manca website.

Click here to see Meal Kit instructions.

SKU: FM MG2(4)
Category: Franco Manca


We made our mozzarella before we made our ovens. Our founder Giuseppe Mascoli knew he’d never be happy with his pizzas unless the mozzarella was right So he persuaded his friend Albino Scalzitti to move from the southern Italian Apennines to Somerset and start production. Here he uses his skills and experience to create our fresh, creamy mozzarella.

Organic tomato

Tomatoes matter. Our tomato base is San Marzano from Dell’Argo Sarnese-Nocerino D.O.P., from 100% organic agriculture and 100% Italian. 


Our Type 0 flour is 100% Italian. It’s made especially for us by the Pivetti family, using a unique blend of all-Italian grains. The Pivettis have grown, harvested, milled and blended grains in their fields near Bologna since 1895. So you could say they’ve had a bit of practice. Plus, their fields are protected and are at least 40 miles from any pollutants. No other pizza tastes like ours because no other pizzeria uses our flour.

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