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Ginger Prince Sparkling Rose – Sparkling Rose 70cl


Region: Victoria
Country: Australia
Alc. vol %: 12


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Category: Alcohol

When a company calls one of its wines Ladies who Shoot their Lunch, you know you’re in the middle of a wine story that’s just a bit, well, different. Matt Fowles – self-taught hunter, chef, winemaker and jazz trumpet player – was an unfulfilled lawyer before buying a winery out of administration and creating Fowles Wine. The concept of food-friendly wines is hardly new, but Fowles broke new ground by creating a range designed specifically to be consumed with game, repeatedly testing out the wines against boar, venison, pheasant and fish until the blends were just right. Throw in those names – there’s another wine called Are you Game? – plus brightly-coloured labels designed by Matt’s wife Lu and, even in Australian terms, Fowles is a breath of fresh air. Original marketing concepts are all very well, but they won’t get you far unless the product matches up. The Fowles vineyards sit high in the imposing granite landscape of Victoria’s Strathbogie Ranges – giving a long, cool ripening season that accentuates colour, freshness and flavour. Why the Scottish name (Strathbogie is the old name for the Highlands town of Huntly)? Well, it might be the weather – it’s cold enough for snow here, with temperatures as low as -6°C recorded every year. Then again, it might be the sheer loneliness of the landscape, sparsely vegetated and lacking in major towns (there isn’t even a post office). As for the winery itself, it’s modern (completed in 2000), it was originally built by a soft drinks executive, and it went broke. Twice. As Matt Fowles says, it’s a long story…

The grapes for this wine were handpicked specifically for this sparkling rosé. The base wine is made from a carefully crafted blend of Sangiovese and Pinot Noir grapes to ensure the right balance of fruit flavours and structure. The juice goes through the Charmat Method to produce a sparkling rosé that is bright, fresh and delicious!

Tasting note:
Sparkling rosé from south-eastern Australia, as fresh and bright as the start of summer, bursting with cranberries, cherries and ripe strawberries.

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