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Pancakes At Home Kit

£11.25 Per Person

Life is like a box of pancakes.

Life is for good times around the kitchen table cooking and eating pancakes with your loved ones, there’s nothing batter. There are enough ingredients here to make pancakes for up to four special people in your life. So get little Jonnie mixing, Grandma Flo frying and uncle Steve stacking.

In this yellow box of pancake filled hope* you will find our ‘top-secret’ pancake mix. (As with anything ‘top secret’ it will self destruct after  a few days – seriously**)  You will also find a host of wonderful toppings, a crash course in cooking Breakfast Club Pancakes and a tea towel to clean up the mess.

We’ve also included a few secret ingredients which are only visible to people who ‘believe’. Included are 3 free hugs, 2 fist bumps, 1 high five, a whole lotta love and an arm around the shoulder.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for having us round to your place for pancakes. We hope you enjoy.

*One of the first ever reviews of The Breakfast Club referred to our caf as ‘a yellow beacon of pancake filled hope’.

** If left unrefrigerated or past it’s use by date the pancake batter has been known to hit the odd kitchen ceiling or two. You have been warned, and whilst we would never recommend it, it is very funny when it happens

Your kit includes

2 x Locally World Famous Pancake Batter Bottles
1 x Canadian Maple Syrup
1 x Cherry Compote
1 x Salted Caramel Chocolate Ganache
1 x Chocolate Orange Rocky Road
1 x Estate Dairy Double Cream
1 x Vanilla Essence
1 x Yellow Beacons Of Pancake Filled Hope Tea Towel
3 x Button Badges

Category: The Breakfast Club

View the Recipe Instructions here 

Keep in fridge and consume within 2 days i.e. receive your kit on a Friday and consume by Sunday midnight


Pancake Batter – Contains Gluten / Eggs / Milk
Double Cream – Contains Milk
Salted Caramel Chocolate Ganache – Contains Milk / Soya
Chocolate Orange Rocky Road – Contains Milk / Gluten / Soya / Nuts

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