The home of real Mexican food in the UK.

Benito’s is the home of real Mexican food in the UK. With authentic family recipes, unique ingredients and low and slow cooking methods, you can be sure that their meats, beans and salsas are some of the best you will find this side of the Atlantic!

Benito’s is a business that has been operating for over 12 years and we now have three restaurants in the UK, two in the heart of London’s west end and one in the centre of Oxford. They have loyal customers all over the country and are now offering four of our most popular dishes for you to cook at home, wherever you are. Their Beef Barbacoa melts in the mouth. They slow-cook their marinated beef brisket with Chipotle Chillies, tomatoes and avocado leaf powder for 10 hours so that it is beautifully soft and packed full of flavour. The Benito’s braised pork is peppery and equally gorgeous. They braise pork shoulder with loads of black pepper, cumin and cinnamon to give it a sweet spiciness that is difficult to resist!

We hope you enjoy Benito’s tacos and burritos and if they leave you wanting to experience more, please pop in to one of their restaurants to try their other fantastic dishes!

“Super fresh and delicious.” – Isobel Black


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