Now serving that Fridays feeling AT HOME! Fridays® celebrate a unique heritage with simple food, top-quality ingredients and Legendary Glaze. From New York in 1965 to your front door!

Choose from guest favourites… Fridays® Sesame Chicken Strips, The Glazed Burger and Classic Ribs. Now available for you to enjoy at home! Every DIY Meal Kit includes fresh ingredients and condiments, house fries and that all-important fries seasoning. All conveniently prepared with simple instructions for you to recreate the magic of a visit to one of their famous restaurants.

Choose from Fridays® Sesame Chicken Strips, tossed in Legendary Glaze made with Jack Daniels® and then topped with sesame seeds and chilli flakes. Or The Glazed Burger – made with their own recipe using a perfect blend of prime brisket and chuck steak from British & Irish farms. With a toasted brioche bun, a slice of cheese and crispy bacon and elevated to legendary status with their famous glaze. And finally, Classic Ribs featuring baby back pork ribs, marinated and slow cooked for a true BBQ finish and a choice of BBQ sauce or Legendary Glaze.

Don’t miss Fridays® handcrafted cocktails at home! Each one is made with premium spirits, fresh ingredients, no preservatives, and the aluminium bottle is 100% recyclable. Choose from Long Island Iced Tea, Purple Rain, Pornstar Martini, Espresso Martini, Fiesta Havana, Strawberry Daiquiri and a Classic Margarita. Try the mixed selection of 6 cocktails or choose your flavour with delightful double pack deals.

 Order today for that Fridays feeling!

“Just the best ribs ever” – Tony Graves

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