Our passion for pizza can be traced back to our founder, Peter Boizot, in 1965. Unhappy with the pizza in London, he shipped over an authentic pizza oven, knocked down a wall to squeeze it in, and opened our very first restaurant in Soho.

Since then, we’ve been bringing customers together to enjoy the same fresh quality ingredients and unforgettable experiences, whether they’re in our restaurants or at home. When it comes to ingredients we never compromise; Our PizzaExpress Passata has been produced by the Greci family in Parma for over 50 years, who carefully supervise each harvest, and our famous dough is lovingly crafted in our very own bakery overseen by our master Baker.

Our Pizza Kits are 100% recyclable and come with ingredients for 2 of our thinnest crispiest Romana pizzas, so you can enjoy a little bit of PizzaExpress in your own home. It’s our dough, your go.

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