This November, Rosa’s Thai Cafe is spreading its love for Pad Thai across the nation with the launch of its first Pad Thai DIY kits. November 2020 marks 75 years since Pad Thai became Thailand’s official national dish, so to celebrate, Rosa’s has partnered with Tourism Thailand to bring the taste and feel of Thailand to households across the UK – perfect for some much-needed escapism!

Rosa’s Thai Cafe was opened in Spitalfields in 2008 by chef Saiphin Moore, who brought dishes from her native Thailand to London via Hong Kong. Their first restaurant opened on the site of an east end ‘caff’ called Rosa’s near brick lane. out of respect for the previous owner (and as they had no money for new signs) they chose to keep the name. Over the years, their thai co-founder chef Saiphin has also become known as ‘Rosa’ – and so the name keeps being associated with good, honest food.

Rosa’s offers a variety of vibrant dishes using seasonal ingredients, including the signature Red butternut curry with sweet basil and Drunken noodles with galangal. There are now 21 Rosas’ in London, Liverpool, Leeds and Manchester.

Since opening its first restaurant in Spitalfields 12 years ago, Rosa’s Thai Cafe has sold over 1.4 million Pad Thais – the group’s most popular dish – to satisfied customers across the country. Now, for the first time, Rosas’ fans have the opportunity to try their hand at making founder Saiphin Moore’s signature Pad Thai at home – without the hassle of sourcing and measuring ingredients.

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