STAKEhaus is the original member of the HAUSparty collective. Set up in 2015, they’ve become regulars on the London Street Food scene. But now something super exciting is happening…we’re bringing STAKEhaus to your HAUS.

With our HAUSparty Meal Kit, you can take your date night to the next level; elevate your Sunday roast game to new heights; and grey, miserable supermarket steak dinners will become a thing of the past.

Our Meal Kit comes with 7oz’s (per person) of beautiful grass-fed bavette steak, STAKEhaus signature hand cut chips, serious cauliflower cheese made with grass-fed cheddar, and all 3 STAKEhaus sauces including their HAUS sauce – which ain’t something to be missed.

We give you easy to follow instructions that will have you cooking steak like a master and what’s even better this box is SUPER GREEN – STAKEhaus source the most ethical and sustainable meat available, it comes from farms using regenerative agriculture methods and ones that reduce food miles. Their meat is grass-fed which is a great thing for the environment, but also the animals and all veg is locally sourced too, so you can eat knowing your meal hasn’t cost the earth!

Put the buns away and celebrate beef in all its perfectly pink, seared glory, simply sliced straight from the grill onto a pile of rosemary-salted fries.– The Evening Standard

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