The Real Greek is the UK’s only group of authentic Greek restaurants. It embodies the culinary heritage of the Eastern Mediterranean, taking in the best of Greece’s gastronomic traditions and serving a contemporary Aegean experience that allows guests to relive the flavours, passion and fun of Greek dining, across 17 sites.

They source core ingredients directly from the finest suppliers in Greece. The olive oil, which can be found in everything from the Houmous to the salads, is pressed from an ancient grove in Crete, home of the world’s oldest living olive tree. The honey is made by bees on the island of Ikaria, which is renowned for the longevity of its people, whilst the feta, found in the Spicy Feta Dip (Htipiti) and in the filo pastry parcels amongst many other dishes, hails from Epirus, a region in Northern Greece. The food at The Real Greek, feels and tastes like…Greece!

For those wanting to experience the taste of Greece’s most beloved street food, there’s a dedicated Athenian Souvlaki menu, featuring flatbread wraps filled with chips, homemade tzatziki and a choice of grilled meat, Cypriot halloumi, falafel and vegan jackfruit – two of which you can experience with the Souvlaki at home kits!

“The Real Greek creates modern Greek tapas based on high quality ingredients. It’s a social style dining, food to be shared and enjoyed amongst family and friends in a laid-back, lively atmosphere.” – Gastrogezgin

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